Tricks On How To Play AduQ In Order To Win More Easily


Playing online gambling is indeed very enjoyable, of course, for online gambling lovers. Moreover, playing online gambling uses real money which later you can bet with others. So you can play on this online gambling site, you need a trusted online gambling site. You can play with agents who serve you quite well like this website of course. This site contains aduQ games which are often played by professional online gambling players. You can also become a professional AduQ online gambling game in various ways, for example as below:


Some Tricks Can Help You Increase Winning Rate at AduQ


This AduQ game is actually very easy to play because this game uses dominoes as its median. So you only need to count the number of points on the card to add them. Well, after you successfully add up the card you can compare to your opponents. Now this is called the AduQ game, because this game pits on the amount of value that is on your card.

But before that here we will discuss how to play aduQ for those of you who want to win. So look carefully at this article so that there are no irregularities in reading this article. C’mon, let’s look at the following:


Learn How to Play AduQ

Maybe there are many people who understand and know how to play AduQ, but it seems that there are also some people who are still quite unfamiliar with the name of the betting game. To help online betting lovers understand the game, the admin here will give a little explanation about what AduQ (Adu Qiu) is and how to play it.


Pick Your Own Lucky Chair

When you have entered the desired betting table, Member / Player must first choose a chair in order to follow the bets in the room.


Using Real Money

Each round of Member / Player is required to spend a table and each table money is different (see the room with a bet how many entered).



After sitting and betting, the Player who participates in the bet will receive two cards from the dealer who distributed the cards. Yes, the AduQ game only uses two cards.


Calculating Card Value

After getting a card from the dealer, we must count the total number of red dots on the two cards. In this game the highest score is Kiu / Q or 9 (Nine). If the value is above nine, for example 10 (ten) then it will be considered to be 0 (Zero), while the value of 11 (eleven) becomes 1 (One), the value of 12 (twelve) becomes 2 (two), and so on.


Consider the number of cards

More or less, this is how to play Adu Kiu / AduQ online. Then what if the two Player’s values ​​are the same high, 9 (nine)?? Will the bet be divided at the table?? Of course not, because if a case like this happens, then the Player must see whose Co-Card is bigger because he will win the bet.


Trusted Gambling Site

At least that’s how to count and play Adu Kiu / AduQ, both online or face to face with friends or people closest to us. However, currently there have been various official online betting website such as AdilQQ. The existence of an online betting agent certainly makes it easier for us to place bets anywhere and anytime.


Well, above was a Trick How to Play AduQ in order to win more easily. So that you can win easily you can try the methods above that we have shared with you of course. Hopefully this method is useful for you and you can share this knowledge with your colleagues and your closest friends.